2020 Summer Sales: postponed due to Coronavirus

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2020 Summer Sales: postponed due to Coronavirus

Due to the pandemic caused by the covid-19, the 2020 summer sales will be shifted by a month, let’s see when they will start across the peninsula.

With the resumption of activities, which took place on May 18, albeit with the difficulties related to compliance with anti-covid regulations, such as the obligation to wear a mask, the safety distance, the prohibition to touch the goods, etc. they could slow down many affluences in stores, with relative economic losses.

When do the 2020 summer sales start?

For this reason, to increase sales and empty the warehouses that remained full due to the forced closure period, the shopkeepers are preparing to launch the summer sales, this year postponed from July to August.

The decision to move the 2020 summer sales by one month was taken at the conference of the Regions and the autonomous provinces, applying the shift throughout the national territory.

The postponement of the 2020 summer sales was dictated by the fact that a lot of goods remained unsold, just for the closing of two months, and waiting for the end of season sales to sell off everything would have been a risk.

With the sales that will start on August 1, 2020, the summer will be different: shops open in the hottest and busiest summer month, no closings or holidays as in past years. Given the economic crisis, many will be able to afford short and low-cost holidays in the best cases this year, the cities will not close and it will be less monotonous than usual to spend the summer in the city.

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