Giorgio Armani reflects on the possible scenarios of fashion after the coronavirus

Giorgio Armani reflects on the possible scenarios of fashion after the coronavirus

Giorgio Armani, one of the most famous Italian fashion stylists in the world, talks about this difficult moment that is also affecting the fashion sector, envisaging a more restricted and intimate scenario after the end of this pandemic.

Giorgio Armani, 85, boasts a career spanning over half a century, with his own classic collections that could be the opposite of modern productions today, he has always maintained that clothes are the real protagonists, not the catwalk shows.

This statement, which today puts us all in agreement, given that the coronavirus has blocked all the shows, parades and shows of the “spectacularized” fashion, proposing a different scenario, more devoted to narrowness and quality, in addition to the duration of a garment .

The latest fashion shows of  Milan Fashion Week were presented behind closed doors, and this brought moments of reflection for the entire sector: «I believe that the current state of things, with the overproduction of garments and the misalignment between the time of the collections and that of the commercial season, it’s really absurd, “said the Italian designer.

Slow down and realign the productions

Giorgio Armani, who donated € 2 million to support hospitals by converting his lab coats production facilities for health workers, believes that a slowdown in the fashion sector is a solution for the future.

The designer’s thought is that the rhythm of fashion has become unsustainable; “fashion is not a circus” declares Armani, where expensive locations are sought to make events spectacular, giving less importance to clothes and to the real needs and expectations of consumers.

This quarantine is giving us the opportunity to think and reflect on the current system, and how it will have to change after the pandemic; if we want to be positive, we use this period as a possibility to slow down production rates and realign everything.

Giorgio Armani together with his team, said that their summer collections will remain in boutiques and shops until at least September, and so it will be from now on; and if it is necessary, at the end of the pandemic, the acquisition of new suppliers will be evaluated, to enhance the value chain, important for the company’s business model.


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