Start Sales at Parisi Taormina: the best designer clothes at discounted prices!

inizio saldi

Start Sales at Parisi Taormina: the best designer clothes at discounted prices!

inizio saldi

This season, thanks to the lockdown, the start of sales for the 2020 summer season has been postponed by one month, bringing together all the regions to a single date: 1 August 2020.

After the forced closure of the shops that decreed the boom in online sales in all sectors, especially that of clothing, we returned more or less to normal, always equipped with masks and hand gel, waiting for the start of sales summer, to be able to buy garments of major brands at discounted prices, given the economic crisis that has hit our region.

The start of sales of this summer season will allow many shopkeepers to sell part of the unsold goods due to the lockdown, and to be able to dispose of the warehouses in view of the autumn / winter 20/21 collection.

This decision to postpone the 2020 summer discounts has not been accepted by all shopkeepers in a coherent way, many would have liked to start earlier, as early as July, while others would have liked a “free start of sales” extended throughout the summer.

But this choice would have been impractical, because having different sales start dates from country or region, would have enticed many people, causing mass movements to these shops, and as we know in this period the movements are quite risky and strongly discouraged.

At the moment, however, the situation is this: the 2020 summer sales began on August 1st, and will probably end in October. At the same time the winter sales will be postponed, it is said, to February (and not January as usual).

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Parisi Taormina, summer discounts on many goods, for men, women and children

On the Sales page of our e-commerce, you will find many designer garments from the best Italian and international brands, divided into:

– Men’s sales

-Sale Woman

– Baby Sale

-Sale Girl

Take advantage of the summer sales offered by Parisi Taormina, you could find the garment you wanted so much with discounts up to 50%!

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