The timeless charm of the leather nail

The timeless charm of the leather nail

History and evolution of the Leather Nail, reproposed by Saint Laurent

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When we talk about the leather nail, we can certainly say that it is a cult garment of which entire generations have been fascinated by it.

In Italy, a nail means a leather motorcycle jacket, born in 1913 in America but made famous only 15 years later, when the Schott brothers created a leather jacket with a zipper in the middle they called “Perfecto”, becoming the icon in the subculture of bikers.

The culmination of the success of the leather nail comes thanks to the film industry, thanks to cult films such as “Il Selvaggio” with Marlon Brando or Grease with John Travolta, where Olivia Newton wears this garment for the first time together with a miniskirt, up to that moment icon purely masculine.

Even the great rock and punk bands of the past (without forgetting the famous pop music icons of the ’80s and’ 90s) made the leather jacket, more and more fashionable, transforming it in a few decades from its creation into a cult piece, timeless .

This leather jacket has found its place in most of the styles over the decades, from bikers to hipsters, to fashion and sportswear and, of course, is worn by celebrities and celebrities from around the world.

The classic leather jacket is made strictly of black leather, cut at the waist, with a zip belt, and a central opening on the sleeves, strictly long.

Born as a biker jacket, in fact the main features are:

– Massive presence of zip and buckles

– Automatic buttons under the collar to avoid flapping when you reach a certain speed in motion

– Front zipper slightly moved on the side with an anti-wind and anti-rain flap

Thanks to the work of designers like Yves Saint Laurent, he joined the unisex street uniform.

The Saint Laurent leather jackets represent a cult garment that never goes out of fashion.

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A rock look and aggressive, but at the same time captivating and sensual, the Saint Laurent leather jackets are iconic items that can not miss in the wardrobe of women and men.

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