Month: April 2019

Woman Clothing

The Dolce and Gabbana bags that look like works of art

At Milan Design Week, Dolce and Gabbana bags were presented, considered not just simple women’s accessories, but also real works of art. Artists play with fashion and indulge in truly unique styles such as women’s bags inspired by TV series or hot air balloons by Elisabetta Franchi, bags in the shape of a bunch of […]

Woman Clothing

Chiara Ferragni: much more than a social phenomenon

Why has Chiara Ferragni become so famous? The delemma that many people ask themselves, rather ingenuously I dare say, is to wonder how a young girl like Chiara Ferragni could have become so famous through social media and photos posted on instagram. Would shrug and boil as yet another “famous to be famous”, the last […]

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