Herno Shop Online: buy jackets and down jackets to challenge the winter!

Herno Shop Online

Herno Shop Online: buy jackets and down jackets to challenge the winter!

Visit the Herno Shop Online page, discover the down jackets, jackets and trench coats for men and women and buy your favorite!

The Herno brand was born from the idea of ​​Giuseppe Marenzi, who is inspired by the places and atmospheres of where he lived,

those of Lake Maggiore, Lesa and the Erno valley; those places, characterized by the cold, where thunderstorms were the order of the day, even in summer.

Therefore, the need to think of clothing designed to protect oneself from water, wind and winter weather arises.

And here, with research and wisdom, Herno clothing products present a quality that originates from the choices of the past, with the use of quality raw materials that materialize in the final production.

The research and evolution of fabrics, technological innovation, are flanked by labor and state-of-the-art packaging, to arrive at a strictly controlled product that exceeds all resistance limits, before passing to the seller.

The production sites chosen by Herno are dictated on the basis of quality and the effective possibilities of creating an industrial center, where funds are invested for the construction of innovative machinery, such as thermo-taping and ultrasonic stitching.

The style of Herno products is defined as a hanging hook, with garments that must be lived and reflect the way of being of the wearer, going beyond the simple trend vision, where the quality of the fabrics and materials used, the attention to detail, represent the starting point for further improvement.

Giubbotti Herno

Herno Online

With Herno shop online, you have the possibility to buy on our e-commerce, from the comfort of your home, the collections of Herno women’s and men’s down jackets, the most resistant and sought-after jackets and trench coats:

Giacca Uomo

Piumino Herno e Giubbotti

Giubbotti Herno

Trench Herno Donna

Trench Uomo

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