Parisi Taormina: Almost a century of elegance and tradition in Taormina

Parisi Taormina is defined by many as the best clothing boutique for men, women's and children's clothing of high fashion, located in one of the most beautiful tourist cities in the world.

The history of the Parisi family begins in the twenties in the evocative setting of Taormina, a success that has been handed down for three generations. In the heart of the town, one of the most famous in the world for its charm and beauty, five family shops dedicated to women's ready-to-wear, accessories, baby fashion and the denim world belong to the family, with a careful selection of the best brands of luxury, made in Italy and international, but also the single-brand Ermenegildo Zegna and the new opening of the Serapian as well as the refined Baronessa Restaurant

The architects of what can be fully described as an "empire" the cav. Francesco Parisi and his sons Salvatore and Pancrazio who with great commitment, passion and professionalism have managed to become the symbol of exclusive Taormina.

A story of Parisi Taormina full of anecdotes and events: it is in the fifties that Salvatore Parisi, with a long experience matured between Palermo and Naples, turns the tailor shop open in the twenties in a packaging store, on the main course of the "pearl of the Ionio ", still the fulcrum of Sicilian elegance. English nobles, actors, international VIPs, protagonists of the jet set, wealthy European lords frequented the coveted tourist destination, in love with the taste and style made in Italy.

And it is in this moment of great splendor that Parisi Taormina begins to be the reference point and in the following years to expand with the opening of new Taormina shops where fashion is interpreted with taste and personality.

A common thread that binds all family activities recognizable to the soul and the ability to fit harmoniously in the city context: from the Baronessa Restaurant opened in 2003 in a famous nineteenth-century building in which a gattopardesca atmosphere is revealed with a breathtaking view of the gulf and on the Etna at the recent opening of the Boutique 170. A place where the spaces shaped by the architect Antonio Iraci in a fifteenth-century building are diluted in 400 square meters of refined elements: from the scenic entrance to the room with coffered ceilings to the veranda overlooking the bay of Taormina and the Ancient Theater.

The umpteenth goal strongly desired by Franco, Salvatore and Pancrazio who have invested so much, so much, in their work with tenacity, curiosity and commitment. And always with the refinement and grace that distinguishes certain Sicilians, noble of mind and solar by nature. Quality that is also extended to the staff of almost 50 people, always professional, friendly, helpful and all incredibly beautiful! "It will be that living in beauty helps".